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Whether it's a grand piano or the upright piano, the piano is an incredibly complex instrument with many intricate moving parts. It involves a lot of precision work to ensure it performs its best at all times. This is where professional tuning technicians in Melbourne are needed to put their finely nuanced aural skills to work to tune your piano to play its best. At Hendry Pianos, Mike Hendry has over four decades of abundant experience and expertise in piano tuning in Melbourne. Regardless of the type, make, or model of piano, he, with his team of professional piano tuners, will put their seasoned skills and technical knowledge of the piano to ensure that the musical instrument plays its finest sound.

A Grand piano or an upright piano has various parts like a hammer, hammer rail, soundboard, strings( bass and treble), bridge (treble and bass), tuning pins, keys, keybed, pedal rod, soft/muffler/ damper pedal, and Cast-iron plates. These parts need to come together to create beautiful music. At Hendry Pianos, music is not just a business but a way of life for our seasoned piano tuning artists in Melbourne.

Whether you have a Bechstein, Steinway, Yamaha, Chloris, Kawai, Alex Steinbach, W.Hoffmann, Brodmann or Young Chang models of grand and upright pianos, we have the skilled and seasoned aural skills with proficient technical knowledge to work on these pianos to bring out their best personality.

Over the years, Hendry Pianos has become popular as the home to one of Melbourne's best professional piano tuning artists. From schools, institutes, corporates, theatres and musical artists to some of the best-known names in the music industry have been our clients.

They have built a lasting relationship with our high-class performance of piano tuning coupled with thorough professional customer service. Feel free to connect with us to book our piano tuning service in Melbourne.

Piano Tuning Service

Hendry Pianos have been an integral part of Melbourne and, by extension, the Australian music industry as the go-to piano tuning service needed for a stellar performance on stage as services provided to artists ranging from Jose Carreras to John Farnham attest. Whether your instrument is old or new, we have the finesse and well-honed skills to fine-tune your piano to restore its sound quality to its best possible self. We are more than a piano tuning service and are a 360 degree piano service shop. In addition to our exemplary piano tuning services, we also do all kinds of piano repairs and restore vintage and worn down pianos to their glorious high standards. We have also pianos for hire, undertake insurance assessments and provide valuations for buyers.When you think of achieving the finest tune from your pianos or be stage-ready for performance, trust Hendry Pianos to deliver the best piano tuning service in the city. We assure you of a high level of professionalism, deep knowledge and excellent aural finesse. Connect with us for inquiries or to book our piano tuning services

Piano Tuning FAQ's

1What happens if you don't tune a piano?
When a piano is left untuned for a long time, its performance drops considerably, and you will not be able to play it to its best. The pitch of the piano falls under the standard pitch. It will entail a procedure called pitch correction or pitch raise to get the pitch to its right level
2How do I know if my piano needs tuning?"
As someone who plays regularly, you'll be able to hear when the sound of the piano is off, and the piano needs to be tuned. When you play a key, the hammer strikes multiple strings that are tuned to the same level. If you hear a twangy sound instead of a clear, sweet sound, then you'll need to get your piano tuned.

Whatever your requirements, Hendry Pianos are equipped to offer you first-class service and expert advice that has knowledge, experience and professionalism as a foundation.

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Piano Tuning in Melbourne
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