Piano Restoration in Melbourne

Hendry Pianos specialises in a variety of piano restoration services in Melbourne. Whether you have bought a vintage piano or inherited one that has left to be as good as firewood, we can still work magic on these pianos.

We infuse new life into them with our highly skilled and expert team of piano restoration and refurbishment team. With abundant experience of over five decades in tuning, repairing, and restoring many pianos of different makes and models, we assure you of top-grade piano restoration services in Melbourne that will exceed your expectations.

Whether you have a grand piano, an upright piano and even a player-piano (‘Pianola’), we undertake complete piano restoration projects in Melbourne. Our fully-equipped workshop has the capabilities and expertly trained and experienced piano artisans and technicians to rebuild the piano piece by piece.

At Hendry Pianos, we offer the following piano restoration services in Melbourne:

  • Replacing tuning-pins
  • Restringing
  • Replacing bridges
  • Restoring wrest planks
  • Complete re-felting
  • Complete rebuilding and re-finishing of cabinets

Piano Refurbishment

Our piano refurbishment and restoration services in Melbourne have been built on a foundation of deep knowledge, years of well-honed technical and aural skills by working on hundreds of restoration projects. No project is too big or small for us. We undertake re-polishing projects and restoring your piano's finish to your choice; it could be maple wood, walnut, polyester, lacquer, and many more.

We can help you get rid of annoying scratches and marks that might have occurred due to moving or transport. We are here to help you with the best piano restoration services in Melbourne.

All the parts and accessories we use as part of our piano refurbishment services are hand-crafted to precision to suit your specific make and model of piano. We work with only a selection of international components with the highest quality standards. So whether it's the spruce wood for a soundboard or perfect strings, we can build your piano and restore it to its former glory.

We have worked for decades in restoring many pianos in varying conditions and take it as our life's goal not to leave any piano to rot away without giving it a chance to give pleasure and a joyful playing experience. At Hendry Pianos, we go beyond simple piano refurbishment services and help you get a valuation for buying or selling, assessment for insurance purposes, and also acts as fair agents for selling and buying pianos.

If you're on the lookout for a reliable, highly experienced, and trusted piano refurbishment and piano restoration services company in Melbourne, then look no further than Hendry Pianos. We'd be glad to talk to you about your piano needs and requirements. Connect with us today.

Piano Restoration FAQ's

1How do you restore an old piano?

Piano restoration is a complex and intricate work that involves more than 25 steps. Some of the main aspects to piano restoration services include:

  • Complete dissembly of the piano
  • Remove the cast iron plate
  • Removing, sanding and refinishing the bridges, soundboard, cabinets
  • Restoring or replacing the keys
  • Restore or replace the pins and strings
  • Check and reset the various moving parts to get clear sound
  • Complete woodwork restoration and achieving the required finish

Whatever your requirements, Hendry Pianos are equipped to offer you first-class service and expert advice that has knowledge, experience and professionalism as a foundation.

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