Piano Repairs in Melbourne

Buying a mechanical precision instrument like a grand piano or an upright piano warrants regular care and periodic servicing of its various parts to keep the piano in pristine condition and to get its best sound quality for years. That is why every piano purchase comes with a service record booklet to ensure that it gets tuned properly twice in the first year and at least once every subsequent year. At Hendry Pianos, we have built our business and life around pianos and their proper upkeep with excellent piano repairs and servicing in Melbourne.

Pianos are meticulously built precision mechanical instruments that tend to wear out with use. Especially in a school or institution where the frequency of its usage is higher, the piano tends to go ‘out of tune’ more often and requires regular tuning.

We at Hendry Pianos have a team of expert tuners and technicians offering top-grade piano repairs services in Melbourne with excellent aural sense to ensure that your grand piano or upright piano is taken care of and is given proper TLC.

When you choose Hendry Pianos for excellent piano repairs and services in Melbourne, you are assured of having some of the best technicians and tuners with over four decades of experience to work on your piano with high standards of professionalism and dedication to their craft. We have been the preferred piano repairs services people for many movers and shakers in the Melbourne and international music industry. As a result, we get your pianos to perform to their highest quality as we give immensely focused attention to the littlest details to get its sound right.

We provide comprehensive piano repairs and services in Melbourne, including but not limited to:

Piano Repair Services

At Hendry Pianos, music is not just our business, but it’s our way of life. We bring that level of passion, commitment to our piano repairs services. Whether you are a music school, an institute, a theatre, a hotel or a corporate with a grand or upright piano, then we know how to keep your pianos in their top condition and ensuring they work as much as they should for years to come. We use only the top-grade internationally sourced parts in all our work and it is our objective to achieve the best possible tone from your precious instrument. Our expertise, deep knowledge and professionalism have made us the regular piano repairs services company for Trade, Insurance and private clients. Their loyalty is a testament to our quality of services. Whether you have a Bechstein, Steinway, Yamaha, Chloris, Kawai, Alex Steinbach, W.Hoffmann, Brodmann or Young Chang models of grand and upright pianos, we have the skilled and seasoned aural skills with proficient technical knowledge to work on these pianos to bring out their best personality. We invite you to call us for inquiries about piano repair services in Melbourne, and we assure you of the best services at reasonable prices.

Whatever your requirements, Hendry Pianos are equipped to offer you first-class service and expert advice that has knowledge, experience and professionalism as a foundation.

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