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We welcome you to choose experience and quality at Hendry Pianos. We are a piano business in Melbourne, with a legacy of more than 50 years as a retailer for world-renowned pianos for sale in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Established in 1970 by concert-organist and composer Michael Hendry Sr. this Melbourne-based, family-owned and operated business has been part of the vibrant Melbourne music industry ever since.

Today, this leading piano shop in Melbourne is owned and managed by son Mike Hendry, who brings to the table fifty years of industry knowledge and experience. He has over 45 years of experience as a quality piano-tuner, repairer and restorer, along with a reputation for being a retailer of popular brands of piano for sale in Melbourne known for trust in quality and integrity. As a result, Hendry Pianos has built an incredible reputation as the preferred piano warehouse in Melbourne. Customers can find world-class imported pianos with outstanding built quality and precise sound quality, irrespective of whether they choose grand pianos or upright pianos.

In 2016, adding a significant feather to our cap, Hendry Pianos introduced the exceptional range of Chloris Pianos to the Australian market adding quality new pianos for sale in Melbourne to our portfolio. We are very pleased to be the only retail outlet in Melbourne and Australia for the Chloris brand. This piano offers a European-like tone, finely selected quality components and an affordable price. The Chloris piano brand's popular baby grand piano is a choice for many musicians, theatres and hotels, as a meticulous instrument in a smaller package.

Piano Shop in Melbourne

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A Piano Shop In Melbourne With A 50 Year Legacy

At Hendry Pianos, our 50 year legacy as the trusted piano outlet in Melbourne has afforded us to work with various pianos and musicians from all over the world and have honed special skills as restorers, repairers and tuners. We pride ourselves in our range of superior quality pianos for sale in Melbourne, with a variety of choices in design, size, type, built-quality and price factor to all who seek to own this marvellous instrument. Regardless of your requirements, you can find a piano that fulfils all of them in our piano outlet in Melbourne. We can do fine-tune, repair of piano, any worn out parts and infuse new life into vintage pianos, as one of the leading piano-services companies.

Whether you are a student, teacher, institution, five-star hotel, theatre company or an elite level artiste demanding the very best preparation for your next concert, Hendry Pianos are equipped to offer you first-class, reliable service with extended support and expert advice regarding the best fit piano for you.  As a piano shop and warehouse in Melbourne, we have built this business with in-depth knowledge, experience, and professionalism as its foundation.

Hendry Pianos delivers Quality Performance across a range of Services:

  • NEW Chloris Grand Pianos and Uprights – direct to the public
  • Piano tuning & preparation for performance or home
  • Servicing & repairs of Grands, Uprights & Player-pianos
  • Pianos for event hire
  • Piano Restorations to the highest standards
  • Valuations & technical reports for piano buyers
  • Insurance Assessments and Quotations
  • Piano brokering for selected buyers/sellers

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and assure you of the right guidance. Please get in touch with us to discuss any queries or issues or to book a tuning.

Piano FAQ's

1What are the 3 types of pianos?
Broadly, the 3 types of pianos are - Grand Piano, Upright Piano and Digital Pianos. Each category has specialised features that suit different pianists and the environment in which it needs to be played. 
2Should I buy a used or new piano?
A used piano is going to cost less when compared to a new piano. Old or used pianos that are well-maintained can give your many more years of wonderful playing experience. However, with used piano, you'll need a professional or a skilled pianist to assess its quality and to determine whether it still has years of service life or not. A new piano is a great investment and a beautiful gift to pass it on to future generations.

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Whatever your requirements, Hendry Pianos are equipped to offer you first-class service and expert advice that has knowledge, experience and professionalism as a foundation.

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